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Tips about tips on how to Sew an Elastic Waistband That Will Certainly not Twist


So many garments, product of every knit and woven supplies, identify for an elastic waistband inside a casing. Nonetheless if you happen to’re one thing like me, the twisting and turning of the elastic contained within the casing is perhaps truly annoying. Not solely that, the gathers original by the elastic certainly not look like equally distributed throughout the waist each. It’s as a result of the elastic is simply floating contained within the casing, which is definitely a tube of fabric.

Happily there is a considerably higher technique to stitch this sort of waistband to stop this annoyance from going down. Preserve learning to be taught additional! 

how to sew an elastic waistband that will never twist


That’s actually terribly easy to do and is perhaps carried out with each an ordinary machine or a serger or overlock machine.

And this methodology does not solely need to be reserved for a waistband each, as any elastic that should be sewn inside a casing is perhaps carried out this fashion. One phrase of warning, nonetheless, as the fabric is solely being folded into the garment equal to the width of the elastic, be sure to trim off any further material that night be folded a further time in step with the pattern’s instructions.

As an illustration, most elastic waist garments have you ever ever fold the fabric a small amount, like 1/4″, then fold it as soon as extra a scant wider than the elastic to be inserted. That’s to cease an uncovered raw edge on the inside of the merchandise. Nonetheless since we are going to possible be solely folding the fabric the width of the elastic, whereas concurrently ending the raw fringe of the fabric, any further that may have been folded should be scale back off, or else the pattern will not match appropriately.

Though this sounds refined, don’t fret, this tutorial is awfully easy, and you may shock why you have obtained been doing all of your waistbands the usual means all this time! Ready to change your strategy? Let’s go!


cut elastic


Following the instructions for the pattern you is perhaps using, scale back your elastic to go well with the part of the physique it is going spherical. For this occasion, I am using 1″ elastic for the waistband of a pair of pajama pants. The elastic is scale back to go well with my pure waist. It is best to undoubtedly use the elastic kind and dimension in your problem as instructed by the pattern’s designer.

pin elastic


On account of we aren’t forming a casing throughout the waistband, then closing the circle of the elastic afterward, we’ve got to stitch the ends of the elastic collectively first. Overlap the ends following the pattern’s instructions and pin in place. For my sample, I overlapped the elastic 1″ which is what I usually choose to utilize when stitching a waistband.

sew elastic ends


Sew the ends of the elastic collectively using an on a regular basis straight sew. I need to sew on the excessive and bottom of the elastic when it is over 1/4″ big to protected it appropriately.

sewn elastic

STEP 4: 

Repeat by stitching the ends of the elastic collectively as properly, forming a sq. of stitches, as pictured above. It is best to undoubtedly once more sew each sew. After stitching, pull on the world to ensure it is protected.

divide elastic into four sections


Starting on the overlap spot, fold the elastic in half to hunt out the spot reverse the overlap spot. place these two spots collectively to hunt out the halfway degree between them on each side, dividing the elastic into Four equal sections. Mark each spot with a pin vertically inserted into the elastic on the quarter mark spot.

divide waist into four sections


Repeat Step 5 by dividing up the waistband area into Four equal elements. Do not assume that the seams on the problem will possible be at any of these Four anchor elements. Start on the center once more and divide the remaining from that begin line within the an identical means you most likely did with the elastic in step 5.

pin elastic to waist


Place the elastic on the inaccurate side material, with the best of the elastic flush with the raw fringe of the fabric. Place the elastic overlap in a discreet place, like on the center once more or near a side seam.

pin elastic to waist


Proceed throughout the waistband, connecting the Four anchor elements of the waistband with the Four anchor elements of the elastic. The elastic will possible be smaller than the waistband, so do not be alarmed and proceed pinning throughout the merchandise.

sew elastic to waist


Insert the fabric and elastic into the machine with the best edge in first, and the inaccurate side of the fabric up. I am stitching my sample with a serger (or overlock) machine, nonetheless it may be sewn with an ordinary machine with an overlock sew, a zigzag sew, or a multi-step or 3-step zigzag sew. The sew should protected the elastic to the fabric, and finish the raw fringe of the fabric concurrently, so a straight sew will not suffice for this step.

sew elastic to waist

STEP 10:

As you sew throughout the entire waist, pull and stretch the elastic to go well with the fabric between the anchor elements. This sew will be a part of the elastic to the fabric to take care of it in place whereas sporting. If using a serger or overlock machine, do not scale back the elastic or material with the machine’s knife whereas stitching.

fold waist into garment

STEP 11:

If you go al the best way during which throughout the opening, the fabric will possible be gathered up due to the elastic.

pin waist in place

STEP 12:

Fold the elastic and material down into the inaccurate side of the garment and pin in place. Solely fold the width of the elastic itself, making certain the best fringe of the elastic is on the very excessive of the fabric fold. The elastic and waistband area would require stretching all through the pinning stage given that material is gathered to go well with the elastic.

sew fold in place

STEP 13:

Sew alongside the underside of the fold, with the inaccurate side of the fabric up, by way of the fabric, stitching, and elastic. It is best to undoubtedly stretch the elastic and material as you sew to cease stitching tucks and pinches alongside the best way during which.

finished waistband

STEP 14:

If you go all the best way during which spherical, the elastic waistband will appear merely because it might if it had been sewn proper right into a casing, nonetheless the gathers will possible be fully evenly distributed, and the elastic will not ever flip or twist because it’s sewn on to the fabric!

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