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Nice thought for sweater that may be a little to tight.


Nice thought for sweater that may be a little to tight.

By this method I have already added a bit to the size of a blouse and a T-shirt. Added silk inserts to the blouse. From experience: the easiest way to sew strips of the same size (I have 3 cm) in the side and sleeve. It turned out fine, the fabric matched in color. In a knitted t-shirt is better to insert knitted stripes, and sleeve, sewn, slightly stretch. And, of course, you do not need to steam off the entire sleeve, so that you do not have to suffer: only the place where the insert is sewn.


Can we do a sample study?


Today I come with a very simple DIY to do;)
This black jersey must be about 8 years old perfectly, but it had been like 2 seasons that I did not wear it too much, although I never donated it because I like it, it’s comfortable and it’s a basic jersey that can get a thousand troubles. However, in each change of wardrobe I thought the same thing, if it were a little bigger it would be perfect … so, get down to work to widen it!
As you can see in the picture of the before, it was a black sweater adjusted without more, with the addition we managed to give it another air.

Step by Step

The materials we need are the following;

  • sweater
  • Scrap of Fabric
  • Pattern Paper
  • Scissors
  • Pen
  • Sewing Tools

Step 1: Cut the jersey

We start by marking the center of the jersey. Once the center is located, we can cut through the back vertically. When we have it cut, we separate the opening at the bottom so that there is a kind of triangle.

Step 2: Make the addition

To make the pattern of the addition, simply put inside the sweater a piece of pattern paper (in my case two folios attached with tape) and skirt the triangle that forms the opening we have made. We mark the line more intensively and cut through, so we have the pattern ready.
Next, we place the fabric we want to add on a flat surface and place the pattern on top, arrange with pins and cut leaving a seam allowance of 1 cm or 1.5 cm approximately. For the added bass we leave the centimeters that we create convenient. In my case, I left 5 cm to make it slightly longer in the center.

Step 3: Join the addition to the sweater

We put the jersey inside out and put the added one on top with the right side of the fabric downwards, we join with both pins with pins (the rights must be faced). We huddle to see what fits and if it is, we can sew.

Step 4: Pad the bass and the top end

Finally, we make the hem on the hem, as I did I was rounding it so that it was a little longer in the center. For the upper part of the sweater, to give it a more polished finish, I turned inward the protruding corner and sewed it by hand.


I hope you liked it, because I loved doing it. We read soon 😉

Other works I’ll share with you soon;

Another practical ideas for your favorite T-shirt











Nice thought for sweater that may be a little to tight.

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